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Annie D in Conversation with Shahana Goswami | Actor | Bombay Begum

Your favourite Bombay begum, Shahana Goswami, is a glimmer of sunshine as she talks about her attitude towards her craft and her life. Find out how she copes with those complex and difficult scenes that her characters ask for and listen to her advice to parents with children who are aspiring actors. She definitely is a breath of fresh air!

Annie D in Conversation with Fashion Photographer, Ash Gupta

Fashion Photographer, Ash Gupta. The man behind the lens tells you what he sees that we don’t as he brings the magic together on that screen. Listen to the person that has snapped Preeti Zinta , Gulshan Grover, Ben Affleck and more ! There is no ugliness but beauty which comes from the heart creating that amazing picture. Find out how !

Annie D in conversation with Purav Raja | Indian Tennis Player

Holder of two ATP world tour titles and part of the Davis world cup team, Indian tennis player, Purav Raja, says that you’re not born world class, anyone can become it if they accept failure as part of the process. He gives all budding sports professionals the best advice right here so listen in and while you’re at it learn some Tennis history!

Annie D in Conversation with Kiran Kumar | Veteran Actor

Veteran actor, Kiran Kumar has not lost his touch and can definitely give some newbies a run for their money. Listen to his observation as to how Bollywood, ooops, Indian cinema has changed over the years, definitely a must see !

Annie D in Conversation with Maqbool Khan | Bollywood Director | Khaali Peeli Movie

Director Maqbool Khan, inspired by Amitabh Bachan and taught by Anubhav Sinha, brings together everything he knows and more to his brilliant production ‘Khaali Peeli ! Find out what has made his journey so special and listen to some valuable advice if you’re a budding director.

Annie D in Conversation with Dr. Terence Lewis | Entrepreneur & Choreographer

The ever energetic Terence lewis, at his best, every moment of everyday, giving back to the community as much as he can. The opportunity that god has given him are the opportunities that he’s selflessly giving to the world. Listen to him talk about his journey and his zest for life , as all he asks for is for… ‘just one more minute.’

Annie D in Conversation with Sudhanshu Pandey | Actor | Model | Musician

Mr suave, Actor Sudhanshu Pandey, takes my breath away as he serenades me with a classic Hindi tune. His honest advice is definitely a lesson for those budding artists as he practices what he preaches. Find out how difficult he finds it to do certain roles that go against everything he believes in right here, so make sure you listen in !!!

Annie D in Conversation with Onir Dhar | Director

Quietly confident and resolute, Director Onir Dhar shows his determination as he makes those movies that educate the community whether it be domestic violence, same sex relationships or sexual abuse. He’s carved his niche and his international acclaim is well known with at least 13 awards to his name. Come listen into this humble character to get an insight into what he’s really about.

Annie D in Conversation with Sheen Das | Actress

Actress Sheen Das and Akshay Mhatre are only friends but if she had to take one of his traits for her future partner, then it would definitely be his discipline with a few good looks thrown in for good measure. Get a glimpse of her live set and see what she has to say.

Annie D in Conversation with Director/Writer Nupur Asthana

Four more shots please’ Director/Writer, Nupur Asthana, has no fear in directing those movies with stories that just need to be told. Whether it’s about woman empowerment or whether it’s about the LGBT community or whether it’s all of the above, wrapped up into one, this lady is there at the forefront. Listen & Learn.

Annie D in Conversation with Music Producer Rishi Rich

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be talking to the guy who’s music I listened to throughout my years in England. But the day arrived and it felt so surreal. This Music Producer has created some of the most iconic tracks that we still play today and he’s brought all his talent over to India and jumped into the Bollywood scene, working with some of the biggest names in the Music industry.

Annie D In Conversation with Director/Producer, Anubhav Sinha

Listen to this straightforward, no nonsense genius that is Anubhav Sinha. Director / Producer/ Writer, all wrapped up into one amazing piece so make sure you listen in to what makes him tick and what really riles him up. Is his anger the magic ingredient for one masterpiece after another ? Find out by tuning in right here!

Annie D In Conversation with Actor Harshad Arora

Elusive Actor/Model, Harshad Arora eventually comes out of his shell and makes our day with a rare interview on social media. His fans include Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan & Bangladesh who just can’t get enough of him as he shows us what he’s really thinking. Beintehaa star tells us how he maintains his relationship with Arpana kumar with his busy schedule and throws out some good advice for young lovers. Don’t miss it!

Annie D In Conversation with Actress Mitaali Nag

You can’t keep this amazing actress and mother, Mitaali Nag, down for long. Whilst acting and managing house and home, she actively supports fantastic initiatives like Woman Empowerment and the ‘Dark is Beautiful’ campaign which has already got Hindustan Unilever to change its ways !!’ Come listen you how she does it all !!

Annie D In Conversation with Sr. Advocate Krishan Kumar Manan

Senior Advocate, K K Manan fears nothing as he tells us who he thinks is responsible for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and the way the investigation needs to go. Listen to the realities and new evidence and why he thinks that the media has played a vital role in bringing this case forward which a corrupt few were trying to avoid. Now whether those top police officers will be found to be an accomplice to murder is still yet to be seen. And more importantly, were they involved in covering up the reality behind the death of Sridevi, Jiya Khan and Disha Salian too? And will Sandip Singh be stopped from trying to runaway to London ? The investigation is quitely progressing so listen into the truth and nothing but the truth right here !

Annie D In Conversation with Actress, Nidhi Uttam

‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s, Nidhi Uttam tells us what it was like on set playing a character with a disability. Then we debate about whether the husband in the movie ‘Thappad,’ deserved a second chance! Find out what she thought as she sat on the sets of the movie.

Annie D In Conversation with Vikas Pahwa | Sr. Advocate, Practicing in the Supreme Court

I sat in Allahabad, where the Allahabad High Court is recognised as the highest judicial body in the state, so very appropriate as I talk to Senior Advocate, Vikas Pahwa. He lays down all the facts and clarifies the law with reference to the case of Sushant Singh Rajput, which has divided the nation! A must watch.

Annie D In Conversation with Actor/Writer, Rahul Singh

Conversing with actor/writer, Rahul Singh, made me realise how down to earth this personality is with commendable lineage. Son of politician, Prabha Thakur, he does his country proud with his attitude to life and his conviction for the films he chooses that send a message to the nation. When you listen to him, I guarantee that you will see life differently.

Annie D in Conversation with Richa Mukherjee | Actress

How can someone so young have 12 years in the film industry already?? Well actress Richa Mukherjee may well have years more as she goes from Bollywood to Tv To the OTT platform where she’s involved in probably one of the darkest movies yet. She talks honestly and from the, discussing her thoughts on 2nd marriages and why actors have been hit the most in Covid times.

Annie D in Conversation with H-Dhami | Bhangra Artist

His father might be Heera but H-Dhami is pure gold as he talks about the darkness he went through before finding the light. This humble man just tells you how it is from the heart. Check out his new bhangra tracks as he makes an amazing comeback, do not miss it !

Annie D in Conversation | Xpose on Reality Shows with Jibran Dar, MTV Reality Show Host

listen to this big expose about the reality behind Reality shows which talks about the casting couch , and the destroying of careers for TRPs. Co host with Sonu Sood for that reality show Mr/Miss 7 States reveals how all these shows are all scripted from top to bottom and how the word ‘Reality’ plays no part.

Annie D in Conversation with Samir Kochhar | Actor & IPL Host

I can’t get over how much I laughed with this guy! Actor/IPL host, Samir Kochhar just had me in fits as he talked about his first show on sex education and then how his first break up just changed his career and life. An absolute all rounder, who has gone from hosting, to tv serials, to web series, to Bollywood and it doesn’t stop there as he looks forward to future projects. That sexy voice of his just had me speechless as I couldn’t help but giggle like a school girl! Don’t miss any of it!

Annie D in Conversations with Actress | Model | Singer, Preetika Rao

I’m out on the tiles once again with that lovely Beintehaa star, Preetika Rao, sister of Amrita Rao. Actress/Model/Singer & Film Journalist, walks away from the stage with several awards and movies up her sleeve, telling us about her journey through Bollywood. I was just about able to tear her away from her international fan base to have a great conversation about what really happens behind the closed doors of Bollywood! Listen carefully as she tells us about nepotism and the casting couching in the industry!

Annie D in Conversation with Actress Satarupa Pyne | Movie: Calendar Girls

A divine Friday night date with actress/model/sportswoman, Satarupa Pyne. An Athlete turned actress, you can definitely see the strength and discipline come through as she faces the demands of the industry. Just waiting to see what she does in the future!

Annie D in Conversation with Manvendra Singh Gohil

This Cinderella in conversation with her very own Prince of Gujrat, talking about his part in supporting the LGBTQIA community. You can hear his whole story right here from the time he came out to the time he was disowned finishing with his own happy ending.

Annie D in Conversation with Samir Soni

From the Werewolf of Wall street to the heart throb of Bollywood, Samir Soni takes the stage with me Annie D. Hear the whole conversation, uncut, with all its hitches and glitches that makes the show absolutely mine!

Annie D in Conversation with Vishwas Kini

Actor Vishwas Kini was my date on Friday night and we sat around my table not realising where time went. My mum liked him and so did I, even though he was 18 minutes late! What an absolutely fab personality, a great catch for anybody, worth waiting for! He made a splash from day one with his first movie ‘Punjab 1984,’ which won a national award for best regional feature film. Then ‘Veere Di Wedding ‘and ‘She’ came along and there was no looking back. Cannot wait to see where this guy goes in the future.

Annie D in Conversation with Movie Director, Jonathan Augustin

I had the pleasure of talking to this amazing and down to earth Film Director for that lighthearted movie, ‘The Lift Boy.’ Jonathan Augustin displays his trust in the universe and non actors who magically bring the characters to life onto the silver screen. With a brilliant sense of humour and an open heart, we see his warmth infuse into his debut movie which has touched people’s hearts. I was glad to see both of us were novices where technology was concerned where I was trying to see if I could be next to my guest not on top! Alas we ended up, in what would seem to be, a different realm but hey as they say ‘The Show Must Go On.’ If position is important, close your eyes and stick your headphones on because he has a great story to tell.