Humans are always looking for something to fight for and fight against because it keeps them on their toes. We seem to be the real enemy of the state as we create war on every and any platform. From what I can see, the virus is not outside, as much as in the minds of the human specie!

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Seriously are there not enough problems in the world that we have to now look at the way different platformstake each other down? Kiskissailarenghaiaap?

I’m just so confused, first I used to listen to politicians on ArnabGoswami’s program on NDTV, fight and scream and now it looks like everyone wants to do the same. Nobody wants to listen but everybody seems to want to play the blame game, giving them some perverse sense of satisfaction. Infact, anger is such a great emotion, that ArnabGoswamihas made it the idea for his show so people can just watch the circus. It’s like Salman Khan’s Big Boss but just with politicians in a virtual parliament. Are we so perverseand miserableinside and frustrated byeverything and everyone that anger seems to be the most prominent emotion within,making us search for opportunities to vent?

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Well, it doesn’t stop here as the recent controversy over the war between You Tubers and TikToker’s rages on as videos and artists are taken down from their platforms for inciting violence and hate .TikTok just took off Faisal Siddiqui’s video for inciting anti social behaviour which is brilliant, but only after theNational Commission for Women, Chief Rekha Sharma, filed a complaint and demanded strict action against him be taken. So it took an angry rant from an acid survivor and a government official for it to be done ‘wah.’Personally, I don’t understand why society has created this idea that things will only be done if somebody screams and shouts about it because, to me, it just seems like such a noisy strategy. Then look at famous YouTuber Carry Minati, real name Ajay Nagar, who felt the need to roastTikTok users and the quality of content on their sight. Now with 70 million fans himself, was there really a need? Couldn’t he just concentrate on more productive ideas without having to then make another video, in defense, to try and explain what he wasn’t doing! I’m not saying that he’s wrong or right, infact, I think media personalities and platforms,really needto take responsibility for content.

But, how about spending less time attacking people and working more on, what I feel should be, the 3 C’s of media, Concentration on Constructive Content. How about spending time picking people up rather than trying to put them down at any given opportunity. How about even, using our position as influencers, more wisely rather than abusively, and making the world a nicer more informed and calmer place to be?But I guess that wouldn’t be fun in our rather perverse society, where only bad news makes the headlines.

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Ok, so if we get off that online platform and get onto real ‘Ground Zero,’ of course at a sixfoot distance, you would usually see communities fighting amongst themselves based on religion. But, the funny thing is during the time of the pandemic, these very communities are now united. You may wonder why, well most likely because they’ve found a new enemy in the Corona Virus. They’ve got a ‘novel’ and a common thing now, to fight against which really is taking up their time.Just goes to show doesn’t it that sadly, humans just thrive on conflict.

So, if you look at all of this, it does make you realise, that the real threat isn’t a pandemic , or a hurricane or an earthquake or even religion for that matter, but ironically, it’s the human specie. A specie who spends its life looking for something to fight, argue against and put down, just to feel better! Its seems to be that the very essence of human behaviour is dissatisfaction. Considering they are the ones with the most in terms of territory and food compared to other animals, Itseriously makes you think about how dangerous those humans are, that have everything.

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