Three people in Malappuram, Kerala are being questioned for the murder of a hungry, pregnant elephant, for fun, leaving her to die in pain…alone. An innocent animal travels, hungry and pregnant foraging for food, not disturbing anybody, and comes across a pineapple filled with firecrackers. With broken jaw and unable to eat, she starves for several days, then makes her way to the lake to die. #BornFreeAndAlive

Nestia - Singaporeans outraged over death of pregnant elephant ...

Kerala Chief Minister confirms that ‘Justice with prevail.’ The poor animal died in agony on the May 27thafter she strayed into a village near Silent Valley National Park. Villagers have been known to use this practice of stuffing food with explosives to keep away boars to save there crops. What makes this situation more heart breaking, is that the death wasn’t instant, because the shrunken form of the elephant suggests that it was probably injured 20 days previous and, of course, was unable to feed itself, eventually passing way in a brutal fashion.

The story of a pregnant elephant — Steemit

This is by no means, is an isolated incident where there seems to be a report by a top forest officer, that another young female elephant met with the same fate in April as she mistakenly got separated from her herd.  Imagine the sight that befell him as forest officer, Mohan Krishnan, was forced to resort to Facebook to narrate the whole sorry story.


Please tell me whether for boars or anything, why such inhumane behaviour that tortures and pains? But what are animals when the human specie kills its own in the name of personal gratification… what chance did this poor animal have anyway. This need for humans to control, dominate and destroy is taking over day by day, that even mother nature is sick of it as she comes in, with her pandemics, storms and earthquakes, one after another. There is no stopping natures anger as the third eye of Shiva opens itself to human destruction……

A poem from the Dead Elephant

I don’t understand what makes you do the things that you do…

As I look down from above, thinking whatmade you so cruel…?

I was only hungry searching for food to feed my baby inside…

I only wish I could have seen what you were secretly trying to hide…

I took my first bite and the world exploded

 into burnt flesh and blood, my jaw totally broken.

I struggled and wept and knew it was my time

That I would never see this lovely child of mine.

You didn’t just take one life today

But two, in the horrendous games that you play.

Who could have seen the darkness that dwells within,

I can only pray that heavenly light, cleanses you of all sin

My wish for you, is to think and learn from your mistakes

And if I am the sacrifice for that to happen, then I forgive you… for all our sakes.

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