Did NASA really find a region above Antarctica where time moves backwards, suggesting a parallel universe? Imagine if this were true for a minute, humans would rush from wherever they were, ignore MARS and flock here in an attempt to re live their childhood and correct all the mistakes they ever made.

The media will do anything for sensationalism, otherwise punters wouldn’t read anything and that is the honest truth. It’s just too boring to write about things that are going well. But, it’s time to find out the truth……. It seems the University of Hawai’I at Manoe, detected a particle called the ‘Neutrino’ coming through earth, something which is supposed to come from the cosmos. The ‘New Scientist’ claims, however, that this can only be explained by a Cosmological model, that suggests that it’s ‘antimatter’ from a universe extending backwards from the ‘Big Bang.’ This term, for those who aren’t really big on physics, refers to the earliest known period of the evolution of the universe as we know it. Of course this piece of information has just caused such a commotion, and it doesn’t take much in the world of media now does it.

Reality is, as far as the physicists are concerned, is that they are still trying to figure out the reasons for the neutrinos existence, using the standard model of physics and have not mentioned any such thing as a parallel universe but having said that, don’t discount it either, by the looks of it. So we shouldn’t be disappointed in the fact that they have shouted down over excited journals, but rather be excited about the fact that they haven’t given it a big fat ‘No.’

However, it all seems to be about terminology, especially when it comes to the definition of the universe. When scientists talk about a universe, what they really mean is the observable universe, as in what they can see. Now this, leaves us with many possibilities, as to whether there is another place, or another time as well as the one we know which a lot of physicists are busy trying to find out right this minute. So this logic means that, there could be other forms of life in a part of the universe that we can not see from our vantage point.


Bubble universe

NASA finds evidence of parallel universe where time runs backward ...

Now one of the alternate theories that is being studied is that which presumes that there are many universes. The reason we can’t see them is because they are just too far away or in a black hole somewhere, a place that we can’t really enter right now.

Membrane theory

Is There Another 'You' Out There In A Parallel Universe?

It’s the String theorists who are of the belief that humans live in a universe with only 3 spatial dimensions, embedded within a larger universe with 9 spatial dimensions. Now if this is the case, then there would be more space for more universes or ‘membranes,’ as we call it, with 3  spatial dimensions each , so we are, therefore, only a part of a bigger whole.

Many worlds

Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here's Why — Veritasium

But it’s this this theory which became famous as it was the basis of that very famous movie called ‘Sliding doors,’ where Quantum Mechanics suggests that every possible outcome of actions exist. What this means is, we have a choice of actions but all of them happen with their own outcome somewhere, on some other time path. So, right now you are living out one option of stories and outcome right now and that’s all you can see. So logic here is, that anything that can happen, does happen, you just don’t see it!


Basically, to see if any of these are true, we need to make a hypothesis that can be tested to be approved or disapproved.  Whether a parallel universe exists, nobody knows yet, not even NASA, but experiments continue and scientists believe that they are very close, possibly over the next 10 years, to finding some answers by probing a lot more space. And for those that think these guys are crazy and wasting their ‘current time,’ remember what Einstein said, ‘Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Basically in a nutshell, our universe. (With images) | Einstein ...

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