6th September, 2018, a momentous occasion as Indian parliament amend Section 377 after years of protests from NGOs, like the Naz foundation, to Shashi Tharoor, the most controversial parliamentary figure to speak out. It caused a sensation when it was first announced, as I remember sitting on my leather chair at Radio One Delhi at the time, and almost falling of it! Has life changed for 104 million Indians or is it just the same?

Definitely a day to remember as section 377 was amended to decriminalise sexual relationships between adults of the same sex. According to our Vedas, same sex relationships were never criticised, but more recognised as existing within society because,as far as they were concerned, the definition of ‘normal’ was anything that was given my god not mankind. It was only when colonisation occurred, that British law then made such relationships illegal causing chaos, even after their departure as you can see!


The Amazing Journey of Alex Mathew, One of India's Few Drag Queens

The LGBTQIA community have been shunned for the longest time by society where job opportunities have become scarce, forcing them into industries that are pretty antisocial. If you click onto my interview with Alex Mathews alias ‘Maya the Drag Queen,’on my Facebook Page, RJ Annie D, you’ll hear his story pre and post the amendment of section 377. For Alex, not only have jobs been hard to find, but the innuendos and suggestive comments are in full force. One could say, society, with its ridged views, is probably responsible for pushing this community into an industry of ill repute, making everything about their sexuality and nothing else. Unfortunately, their skills, their niche, their personality, were and, to some extent, still are of no interest to anyone. As Alex says, he’s determined not to be silenced and to express himself and his sexuality, at every opportunity through his craft now as a Drag artist.


Why not corridor through cinema for India and Pakistan, asks My ...

Even in my interview with openly gay Movie Director, Onir, known for his movies like ‘I Am’ and ‘My Brother Nikhil,’ representing communities and issues that are side lined in the Indian community, said that Bollywood had pretty much a limited arena for people of the LGBTQIA community. When asked about his career development, he responded quite honestly by saying that his life could very much have taken a grander path in Hollywood compared to Bollywood. In fact, his exemplary work has been greatly recognised outside of the country, where he has received a variety of accolades which really goes to prove his

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It doesn’t even matter who you are Prince or pauper, as Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil opens up about his own story of discrimination, expulsion and loneliness after coming out himself.


My question is always, who gives the right to anyone to judge anyway. Religious activists claim that humans are meant to be heterosexuals as their only role is to procreate. They go on to say, that 80% of non heterosexuals, can not have children, so really this state of being is not natural and turn their backs on the LGBTQIA community totally.


Has the pandemic not taught us anything? The very people that sprout ideologies about what’s natural and what’s not, ever wonder why we have natural disasters? Any scientist will tell you, that they come in order to balance the order of things on the universe by simply getting rid of what is in excess and in this case, us! So, if god has given the world non heterosexual individuals, there then has to be a reason for it? Probably another way to control, an otherwise ridiculous overload of humans.

Ask the animals who have been driven to the sidelines because humans have infiltrated and taken their share of land and come over their LOC’s? We all saw animals come out into the open once humans went back into their cages. We seem to be innately greedy by the looks of it, and need to either stop reproducing, or keep to our own space!


Sexual orientation is a god given right that no man/woman can take away or has any right to either. We were born free, and no #section377 was ever going to last that long. Remember, beat someone to the ground, and they come back bigger, better and more capable so, beware of the Phoenix!

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