Out of the 30 cities where pollution was classed as the worst globally, India comes out tops by owning 21 of them, now this definitely deserves a trophy! According to the WHO, we breathe air 10 times more polluted than the WHO safe limit. I guess this is one time where we as a country, have really out done ourselves.

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The way it looks, around 51% of emissions into the air comes from industrial action, 27% from vehicles, only 17%from crop burning and 5% from fireworks. All of these together, lead to at least 2 million premature deaths a year, even after the government introduced the Air Act in 1981 which failed miserably, because of poor enforcement. So the message here, is that the intent may be all well and good, but is useless and of no value, if we don’t do anything about it. If you’re desperate, you can always book a ticket to a region between Tasmania and Antarctica, which atmospheric scientists have discovered, has the cleanest air on Earth, free of any kind of air pollutants, released from human activity from around the world!

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Well the virus seems to be hell bent on stopping everything but just cannot seem to sort that carbon dioxide out one bit! It looks like we are the weaker specie after all who does not deserve to be anywhere near the top of that food chain. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography says that Co2 levels reached a record high in May 2020, the highest amount in millions of years with consistent increases since 1958. But even after lockdown when, everything was shut, it’s amazing how we still managed to emit so much of the gas into the air. Unfortunately, research shows that Co2 is a heat trapping gas which can exist for 300- 1000 years in the atmosphere. Problem is peeps, is that anything we do today, effects future generations (NASA) , the reason why 15 year old Greta Thunberg was getting so emotional in her speech, and she was damn right! It is our fault.

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But look, we humans are just not satisfied by destroying one planet, we are off trying to destroy others. Space X, a company founded by business man Elon Musk, flew two astronauts to space in his space ship, The Crew Dragon, on May 31st 2020.

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The first orbital class reusable shuttle which promises to make space travel cheaper as well as be able to take cargo. Apparently, Musk’s aim is to send a million people to Mars by 2024….to destroy that place too! Irony is in all of this, is that the shuttle is re usable but we still can’t sort our white goods that are non bio degradable on earth. We are colonising again…..so if we end up living on Mars, will we called Martians?. I think appropriate as we are actually the aliens that fiction stories seem to portray, as the ones wanting to take over the world.

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