Why is it that social media has been the platform where everyone has just found a place to vent? It’s like a children’s playground where the bullies have been outed and called to question. The last few weeks have shown that Bollywood is just the same as any other work place filled with people you like, adversaries, and people you actually hate. Did we really think that celebrities were perfect and could do no wrong? I think the problem is we mistake real life people for the perfect characters that they play and think that they are clever, know absolutely everything, can do no wrong and can save the world. What is good to see, is that the audience can now see how far from the truth this is.

Every morning we wake up to another rant on social media that I just cannot miss. I need to know what Kangana has said this time and what Swara Bhasker says in return. I Just can’t help my self as I admit I am a Star Plus fan. So maybe my thirst for a bit of drama does really make me hungry for it. I don’t know whether I should be applauding the kanganas of the world, disliking the karan Johars, or pretend it’s like a climactic scene from one of my favourite Tv episodes because maybe it’s all for effect.

It also makes me realise how really difficult the world of Bollywood is. Everything is in the public domain from sneezing to a wardrobe malfunction to a bad hair day. As consumers we can just sit back and hide but actors actually can’t, they’ve sold their soul to the devil from the time they first become public and life isn’t their own any more. But then why should it be? The public put them there so I guess they think they own them, it doesn’t take a minute for the public to bring anyone down. Personally, if you had to ask me, the ‘Aam Aadmi‘ still don’t recognise their own strength.

Ever since the passing away of Sushant Singh Rajput, it’s like a can of worms has been opened. Something had to be a trigger and I think people were just waiting for something to happen as an excuse to speak out. But that means something was already wrong in the industry. Why did it take a death to spark it off? Even if the mafia are the puppeteers, how many are there of them and how many are there of you as the public? Then it’s not these guys controlling you, it’s the fear that controls you. One thing that I’ve learnt over time, is that, to overcome fear, you have to face it and then suddenly it has no power. It’s the venturing into the unknown which is scary but once you know, it ceases to have any control over you.


So do I agree with the attacks on the industry? I agree things should be called out if it means that much to you but you have to leave others be and let them contend with stuff in their own way, it’s their journey. No body is perfect, least of all the stars who have such images to uphold, who have such controls on them and just need to abide by the rules just like anyone else. For us mere mortals, we can get away with losing our job or losing an income stream and we can lick our wounds in private but do celebrities have the same freedom without being splashed all over the newspapers? They may get paid top dollar but they also pay a high price for it, as can be seen by current events and by the fear of those dark forces behind the scenes. Would you sell your soul to the devil?

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