The public do not realise their own strength as they hold the power to turn a judgment and override the law. The Death of Sushant Singh Rajput has created such an emotional stir as the nation becomes one big force that now challenges one of the biggest and one of the longest running Industries of them all…Bollywood.

Bollywood gave us one of its first movies in 1912 and has been churning out movies ever since, more than any other country in the world. It started off with people coming from all walks of life that refined their craft to become icons in the industry. But as they gave birth to children that naturally entered the profession, something changed.



So star kids eventually came onto the scene and, some feel, grabbing roles off actors from outside that were more able and more capable. This seems to be the biggest grouch over the years which has gained a voice in the form of Kangana Ranaut which has in turn awakened the sleeping dragon outside. But now the anger of the people is in full mode and the fire is burning everyone in its path. Why now?


Maybe because those icons of old held a place in our hearts for so long with their memorable performances that took us away from our sad old world. Unfortunately, their children just haven’t managed to have the same impact as they ride onto the scene without the experience, the lessons and attitude that once drove their own parents. It’s the outsiders v the insiders right now where those new bees with all their conviction and determination to get in, are giving their best performances. But as you hear the story of each one, it’s just not easy to get through the Bollywood door.

 Look at my interviews on IGTV on Instagram and you will hear cases of coercion and the casting couch which seem to be the only language of communication and where ‘ability’is the last trait to be looked at. The death of Sushant Singh has turned it all over on its head as he was the success story of someone who some how made it in from the outside but who many believe, was brutally destroyed by a bigger invisible force.

Supreme Court Orders CBI Probe Into Sushant Singh Rajput Death ...


All the legal eagles are aware that the Supreme Court used its powers to supersede the law of the land which asks that Mumbai agree to a transfer of an investigation as the incident took place there. There may just be a political agenda here, where the Central government has just found an opportunity to play heavy weight with the the Shiv Sena who recently decided to break up their alliance with the BJP and stand alone. Moreover, there seems to be some talk about the Shiv Sena joining hands with the Congress party (INC) which the BJP need to deal with (Financial Express).

So if we look at all this carefully, maybe the decision to transfer the investigation of Sushant Singh’s death to the CBI, is less about Sushant Singh and more about gaining control of Maharashtra with massive public support. What a brilliant move!


The Karan Johars, the Mahesh Bhatts and the Aditya Chopras of the world have been brought to the alter, amongst others, and brought to trial by the public court. The big forces in the Industry have been called to question for their part in the death of Sushant Singh. So what now? The public will only be pacified if the CBI maintains its neutrality to find out what really happened regardless of who it is they talk to. Will this mean that the inflated figures of the Kapoors , Khans, Chopras and  Bhatts will shrink, bringing  them to the size of the ‘arm admi?’ Already the elite balloons are reducing as the trailer for Aliah Bhatt’s new movie ‘Sadak 2,’ has taken a beating with 2.3 million dislikes so far and a lot of stars are coming out in favour of the CBI investigation hoping that their movie doesn’t take a similar turn. It could be after this that the government may set down strict rules and regulations as to how production companies work in the future and keep a close eye on the industry from now on. Maybe the Central government has decided now that it wants to be ‘Queen-B,’ kicking out the ‘King Khans,’ of the world.

Elite camp


The connection of Bollywood to the organised crime syndicate, the Bollywood mafia, is well recognised but, what few people know, is the creation of the government itself in the 90’s. Whether the problem was the National front (NF) or the Indian National Congress (INC), really doesn’t matter as the impact can be felt to the present day. Government regulations at the time meant that credit was restricted to the industry as Indian cinema wasn’t seen as a legitimate business. Well the mafia came along and saw an opportunity to save the day to finance movies and launder their black money at the same time. Does a CBI probe also mean Bollywood cleansing so we can get business back to the state? If so, then it will be the biggest clear up that India has ever seen. There is a possibility therefore, that there may be a call for transparent financing of movies. If this is the case then Sushant Singh has achieved more than any one could have dreamed of and deserves a medal of honour.

Underworld controls bollywood


The CBI are the premier investigating agency of India which usually investigates high profile cases and special crimes. What is unique about their legal functioning is that they are exempt from the Right to Information Act, meaning the public can request information from any other public body but not from the CBI, therefore much of what they uncover is not known to us. Maybe this is what is required if a verdict needs to be given but our evidence is not available or tampered with, which is highly likely the way things stand. The Mumbai police seem to be quite difficult to deal with as DCP of Bihar, Gupteshwar, has made obvious but if they do the same to the CBI, it might just make Rhea Chakraborty’s case worse as well as the people supporting her.

CBI being used as political weapon

Generally speaking, the CBI deals with major fraud, multi state and international organised crime, cases involving the Central government or against its employees. Therefore, the fact that they have been allowed to conduct a probe into the suicide of a Bollywood actor, sets a new precedent for how far socio-political pressure can influence legal undertakings.


The act of the Supreme Court ordering the CBI to investigate a crime that doesn’t really come under its banner, definitely is a first which could affect future investigations. My personal belief is that the decision was a political move of the Central government after it saw so much public concern over the death of Sushant Singh. It has used it for its own agenda to clear up the organized crime in Bollywood and to take advantage of the weak position of the Shiv Sena currently, to gain a hold. Whatever the case may be, the Central government has to find the perpetrators before it tries to achieve what it wants. It wont be enough to use Rhea Chakraborty as a scapegoat as an easy option, as the public want the people at the top running that show.

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