Will Bollywood ever be the same again? Some big personalities seem to have completely destroyed the credibility of that big industry that is so iconic across the globe. This is just one of the thoughts of the day as the death of Sushant Singh Rajput on the 14th June, evokes some of the strongest emotions ever,rocking Indian cinema. The aftermath has left a rubble of conspiracy and confusion that might just destroy one of the biggest wonders of the world.

I think the realisation that has hit everyone is that the power of death amazingly, seems to have more strength than life. Is it because doing something big and relevant in silence has more impact in a noisy world? It’s almost as if those fragile ashes have come alive in such beautiful technicolour, in a way that you never noticed when it was a living breathing body. Such is the power of the mind.

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Humans seem to be such a fickle lot who take for granted that something will always be there and refuse to appreciate anything around them until it’s too late. It’s like when your mum would say something and you would hush her away and then years later you’ll understand what she was trying to say. Humans always realise too late and are always wiser after the incident….and in this case, hindsight is definitely 2020.

Kangana Ranaut targets Rhea Chakraborty on Sushant's mental illness plot |  सुशांत की मानसिक बीमारी की साजिश पर Kangana Ranaut के निशाने पर रिया  चक्रवर्ती | Hindi News, बॉलीवुड

But as conversation and anger trickles out of Bollywood, exposing the dirty business of murder, drug abuse, and trafficking, it tarnishes the glow that once was. As Kangana and Shekhar Suman to name a few, come out and tell us how it really is, goes to show how the scenes behind those big glossy doors really have changed. Was it always like this though? One can hear the intensity in Naseeruddin Shah has he hits out at that ‘half educated starlet’ who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and of course we all know it’s Kangana that he’s referring to. But maybe they both have a point.


Media is a tiring and relentless industry where no body is really employed. All have to constantly pursue projects and opportunities and payment trickles in months after as actress RichaMukerjhee confirms. Here’s the problem, competition has increased as Bollywood isinundated with people with this new found creative skill. A simple law of demand and supply means that people will try hard now to make life difficult for others. Kangana and a producer I can’t mention, calls out the underhand way that production companies tie potential talent to contracts, disallowing them from working elsewhere for years, getting them out the way, forget the playground bullying and ‘groupism.’

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Everyone seems to be spending less time on cinema and development and more on protecting their patch because they’re scared of new entrants. What a shame this is with people making it more about themselves and less about the audience, the reason why they are there in the first place. We used to concentrate on the art, but today we show ourselves as the animals we truly are patrolling our territory whatever it takes, the greed taking over to be the only one. This reminds me of a line by Lord Acton, a nineteenth century historian, Power Corrupts and Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely,’ where a person’s sense of morality decreases as their sense of power increases.


It’s only a matter of time when the snake will bite back or make a new home which in this case is the OTT platform. Now that big monster has been brought to heel, because there are pastures new. The latest update is that Shaheer Sheik and SSR’s ex girlfriend, Ankita Lokhande, amongst others, have refused offers from Bollywood itself, how the tide has changed. How indestructible the monster thought it was, but it forgets, everything and everyone is replaceable and nothing lasts forever as humans scientifically adapt to any situation and will make a home elsewhere.

शेखर सुमन और सुशांत सिंह राजपूत
Shekhar Suman’s Dream (Riya Par Wishwas Mat Karna: SSR)

As they say ‘the bigger you are, the harder you fall.’ Already Aliah Bhatt’s movie ,Sadak 2 has more than 2 million dislikes and according to TOI, she has even been dropped by SS Rajamouli from his next movie, roping in Priyanka Chopra. Even Varun Dhawan has been rumoured to have delayed his movie in response to the bite back from the public. When will people learn, the reason that they are any where up there is because of the public and it’s these very people that can bring them down. Bye Bye Bollywood as we know it.

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