Who needs a virus to destroy them, when our country is finding it hard to find peace anywhere within and amongst its own. Every where you look there’s an issue, an argument or an accusation. Is there ever going to be a time or a space, where we will all be united or do humans need something to fight about all the time?



It’s a shame when we look at the dynamics between our political parties. A parliamentary room with constant noise and accusations driven by an overload of male hormones that need to dominate. A current example is the way that MP’s acted in the Rajya Sabha recently, when there was great opposition to the controversial decision over the farmer’s bill. We had a dictatorial, unilateral decision by R.S. Prasad on the 20th September to pass a bill which didn’t but should have gone through a voting system. Now if he wasn’t on a podium, I’m sure something physical would have gone down, such were the emotions.

Then we have the mudslinging between central government and the INC. It’s almost as if great time and research goes into finding dirt on the other party so it can just be thrown into each others faces with great glee. What about the scuffle that got underway in protest against the Delhi riots where parliamentary proceedings had to be suspended for that day?

And these are only a few examples. Of course its nothing new, why not go back to the time when politicians exchanged blows in 2015, throwing chairs and microphones at each other, leaving several politicians and the speaker of the house injured. If this is the way to discuss and communicate in the house, how dare anyone lift a finger at anyone who wants to start a riot?


The advent of the digital platform has just meant that there is an overload of voices in an already disorganized system. And because of the fact that it’s not direct confrontation, means that people are saying what they want, demeaning & degrading others without the fear of any physical repercussions that usually keeps them quiet.

Constantly, we have threats going out with millions of people enjoying the spectacle because controversy, sadly, is what the audience thrives on. We have accusations being made and news that is lacking in any truth going out, unchecked to bring people down. It’s not all about Bollywood thought is it, you live in the fear of cyber attacks, with groups hacking into big accounts and then sending fake news inciting violence.

In fact, our Prime minister has said that social media and Whats app have been responsible for the recruitment and radicalisation of terrorists especially in the the southern parts of India leading to inter religion tension. Now these are things that are in our hands that we can control, yet still we use our seemly innocent gadgets to cause unrest and harm and simply because we can.

You may not be the one to actually put a gun into someone’s hand, but you are definitely guilty of putting the thought into someone’s mind which makes you just as bad. In the way that Rhea Chakraborty gets to be charged for abetment, you are also in that very position when you post hate.


We all want to believe that there is a United Hindustan or Bharat India but all I can see is a fractured nation that can’t even hold its own together. We have Central government at loggerheads with the Shiv Sena in Mumbai and each strutting like egoistical peacocks in the attempt to show control and dominance. We then see regional governments breaking down buildings and kicking and beating almost to death ex military/naval veterans who dare to air their opinions. Now look at Kashmir, problems that started in 1947 look no closer to getting resolved as India and Pakistan fight for control over it, as residents face tension and suffer the consequences.

We don’t live in a democracy, we live in a dictatorship where, even though we should have the freedom to express, it just a nice theory. All I see is the idea being nothing more than about dominance rather than national concern. I will go onto say that if you can’t look after or give peace to the land you have then just give away the rest and let someone else do it. It’s pretty simple but of course surrender doesn’t even come into it for it’s not really for the greater good is it?


So our constitution says we are a secular state which means we accept and respect all religions but here we are at constant loggerheads with people in the same country on grounds of religion. If anybody really thought about it, we were all born the same, human beings, flesh and blood with the same need to survive. We gathered into clans and learnt a particular way of doing things which were carried down to our progeny. Later on, humans then decided that different groups would have different names and now each community is shunned for living by different rules, incapable of understanding the concept of ‘live and let live.’

We kill in the name of religion and we rape and abuse in the name of religion, when actually religion is a man made concept. So maybe the rape and pillaging is because it’s gratifying and it just needs to be justified by something. How can we sit here and ignore a 19 year old Dalit girl being gang raped, tortured and murdered because Man has decided it’s ok because she’s of a lower class? What is class? Who gave you class? We are not God and we do not have the right to take away someone else’s.


Bharat, if I see you as as a living breathing entity, then for a country of 1.3 billion, a close second to China, you have made your self tiny by dividing yourself into factions and sub factions further dividing yourself into different casts. One of the things you hated the British Empire for, is the very thing you are doing.

You kid yourself about this strength that you think you have because you are large and you pat yourself on the back by claiming to be the largest democracy. In reality my friend, you are miniscule, no better than those tiny European countries that are a thumbnail on the map because of your actions.

Where your size should have given you the power to fight the world, you have shot yourself in the foot by taking it away from yourself and it’s a damn shame. You will get weaker by the day as you tire yourself with the many internal battles you fight. Imagine if you put as much effort into making it your Bharat Mahan…

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