Again and again and again..….yet nothing, nothing  on managing, nothing about controlling and nothing in parliament. In this case silence definitely speaks louder than words. Do our leaders not feel embarrassed about such barbaric occurrences day in day out in a world where it takes minutes for news to spread. We shout from the roof tops about how grand we are, how big we are, how cultured we are but somehow we stay silent on the things that really matter to our nation. Maybe we need to re- think the values we uphold, change what our country stands for and re write the constitution in one go just as quietly.

Man rapes 75-day-old daughter, imprisoned in Erode | Erode News - Times of  India


  • A 19 year old Dalit girl gets gang raped on the 14th September in the district of Hathras, has her tongue ripped, and has her spinal cord damaged. She eventually dies of her injuries in Safdarjung hospital.
  • The parents file a complaint but whether the family said their child had been raped at the time is still under debate but definitely mentioned rape a few days later.
  • Police report that the the girl’s tongue was intact and there was no sexual abuse as no sperm was found to be present ( most likely as test was done too late)
  • The family were not allowed to see the victim or perform her last rights as the police barricaded anyone trying to do so.
  • The Police burn the body with petrol in the dead of night at 2.30am on the 30th of September and barricade the area so nobody can enter. They go so far as to lock the family up so they can’t leave their premises there after.
  • The family are forced to sign a statement that they are taking compensation and there seems to be an offer of a job.
  • All media and politicians disallowed from entering the village or meeting the family to offer condolences right after news got out
  • The family are threatened by the DM, Praveen Laxkar, and told that the family needed to send the press away and to remember that the media would eventually go but he and his force would still be there
  • Right now, there is a call for the UP CM, Yogi Adityanath to resign as 4 police officers and the Superintendent of the police have been suspended in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district


So looking at the facts as they are, they really raise a lot of questions. In fact, first you have to ask yourself as to why such brutality against women and girls has been allowed to run riot where 3 other rapes have been  reported right after, again of Dalit girls. Does the UP Minister, Ajeet Singh Pal, not think that women are even worthy of any respect to be put on the agenda. No of course not, as he states, it’s a small issue and the law is taking its course which we can clearly see above.

More arrests likely to be recorded in 16-year-old rape case in Kerala


What’s pathetically funny about all of this is that it is obviously a cover up when police forcefully burn the body of the alleged victim and are aggressive in their stance in not allowing the family to come near the pyre. If everything was ok, why not? if nothing to hide, then why not? and why is there some ridiculous DM threatening the victim’s family to keep quiet and to take compensation, but for what if nothing was wrong? And why the need to lock anyone up if everything was fine?  And why the disrespect to other political parties as their leaders are pushed to the ground and manhandled? Please note the way that the  police treat people including those who are weak and are a minority,without any legal right.

Unnao 2.0: Out on bail rape accused brutally attacks and kills victim's  mother in Kanpur | Unnao News – India TV

 So now the family and the police involved have all been asked to take a narco- polygraph test…You know I really have to laugh at this point, as we all know what the out come will be since this whole thing just stinks of corruption and filth. Remember like all those movies where they suddenly plant evidence with the intent to turn the accusations the other way? Well my eyes have now been rudely opened to reality.

POCSO Act made stringent, death penalty for aggravated sexual assault on  children – Nagaland Page

Anubha Sinha, Onir Dhar come back !!! There’s more ammunition here for a story that needs to be told and re- told. We used to think that life like this was dramatized on TV and that none of this could really humanely be possible but thanks to social media and a few honourable directors, we know that all these movies like Mirzapur, are all based on facts regardless of the the damn disclaimer at the beginning.



Look India, celebrating that you are are the biggest democracy in the world has its pitfalls sadly. Yep, you have just embarrassed yourself where now the news has got out and the world is up in arms. British MP, Apsana Begum together will over 30 feminist and Dalit organisations, have come out in protest and written to the UN. As Shashi Tharoor spends years trying to get the UK to apologise for the atrocities they carried out in your very country, where do you stand now as you allow this to happen to your own?


Now that social media is here to stay, nothing can be hidden or swept under the carpet but it’s a shame that this country has no choice but to rely on journalists rather than the legal system. Maybe policing is a thing of the past because,because the way I see it,  that they are just as bad as the mob or the mafia who spend more time keeping the community inside rather than keeping rapists and murders outside. They are only there to threaten the community because somebody at the top has demanded it which then means that our system is severely lacking and we need a complete overhaul from CMs to Low level government employees. Let me tell you, money isn’t the only thing that talks, now it’s the digital platform. It could be this very platform that could bring this country to its knees as day after day, each barbaric atrocity is revealed. Wake up India!

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