So Bollywood has now hit back like a tortured cobra at the news channels because of the derogatory remarks thrown at them. By filing a suit, 34/38 institutions from the Indian film industry want to hold onto what little there Is left of their reputation and seek redress. But I feel that whatever the outcome now, the damage is done.

I’m not going to play judge and jury because I think we may have quite a few out there already but all this noise does make you ponder. Bollywood is complaining that all this mud slinging affects the livelihood and the reputation of Bollywood actors and they don’t want to be classed as ‘druggies.’ Now my question is how can one file a suit against something that is true! Everybody knows and a lot of actors like, Akshay Kumar, have come out and admitted that drugs do exist in the industry. So why is anyone upset? In fact, many have come out and said that drugs are pretty much a way of life in many industries and it’s not just Indian cinema!


May be it was the way in which it was said that may have hurt the ego of a few and yes there is a particular way of saying things. Maybe a bit of decorum is required. But when it comes down to facts, how can a suit be filed? If a restraining order or a control is put on the mouths of media channels, then should it not hold true for everyone? If the idea is about targeting actions that incite anger or some adverse emotion, the movie industry will also have to re think the movies and subject matters that are dealt with on screen. One needs to remember that one person’s victory in a movie, is another person’s loss. So this could also be seen as inciting hatred or anger in the community if you ask me.


Now if I quote what one my guests, actor Kiran Kumar, said in one of my many interviews that ‘the Indian film industry has progressed’ so in the same way should we not accept that the way news is delivered has as well? Should we not just embrace the fact that news is not the ‘Doordarshan’ that we once knew but is now a performance to engage viewers and increase TRPs. So where production houses use worldly issues to engage and make money well so do news channels in order to do the same. Therefore, we are all doing the same thing and looking for optimal engagement and reach. So rather than coming to a conclusion, I feel that I’m still contemplating the situation.


I’m not sure now, in this day and age, what the right or wrong way is since the ‘way’ has now changed and I’m still trying to navigate my way through this. But what I do know, is that the number of performing stages has increased and for now, we can name it ‘Newsywood.’ So maybe the angst is because Bollywood has had to share its space with the ‘A’ listers of media such as Arnab Goswami who also have power and a voice…. the mind ponders….

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